Whilst Whitfield is best known for its classic driven days - whether grouse partridge or pheasant - we always think some of the most enjoyable and memorable days here can be had rough shooting.

Due to the large number of driven days, there is always plenty of game about, with a great mix of pheasants and partridge as well as duck, snipe, woodcock, rabbits and hares.

There is a minimum of 30 head of game on walked up days ( rabbits are free ). There is no maximum number of guns but four or more are required to fully cover the ground.

Given a favourable wind, some spectacular shooting can be enjoyed at very little cost. Walked up days would normally be accompanied by one keeper. Pickers up or extra dog men can be organised at extra cost.

Whitfield is known for its fine autumn colours, and they provide a stunning backdrop to a day’s walked-up shooting on the hill.

Lunch is not included in the day but can be provided by The Elk’s Head to refuel you for the afternoon’s exercise. If you want to make a party of it and stay overnight, comfortable rooms and a delicious evening meal are available at very reasonable rates.

For prices and availability, please visit the Availability page.

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